Week 2

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Well week one wasn’t too bad was it! How did you get on? Don’t worry if you’re confused with any of the terms or exercises you’ll get used to them over the weeks. Keep up your commitment and remember it’s only 20 minutes per session. You’ll come to realise that it’s not going to be the same exercises on the same days! Try to keep to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine but don’t worry if you’re busy any days, move the exercises around to accommodate. A bit of a surprise next week so try and make sure you don’t leave that strength session any later than Friday. I’ll keep putting the links in so you don’t have to hunt for the exercises

Session 1: (Cardio): As for week 1, but your 20 Minute walk will this time include 15 seconds jog every 4 minutes. So set your watch for 20 minutes, then jog

3:45 to 4   7:45 to 8   11:45 to 12   15:45 to 16   19:45 to 20. So you’re jogging for 1 min 15 seconds out of your 20 minutes. You can jog as slowly as you like.

Session 2 Stretching and Mobility, as week 1, all mobility exercises from Mobility Exercises , Upper Body Stretches and Lower Body Stretches page.

Session 3 (Strength)

As week One plus the following Chest Exercises. Now we’re adding chest exercises (and it’s still upper body work). It’s the same link Resistance Band Exercises

Band Chest Press

Band Chest Fly.


Band Shoulder Rotation – Internal

Band Shoulder Rotation – External

Band Back Fly – Standing

Band Lateral Deltoid Raise.