Week 1

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Hi and Welcome

You’ve made the decision to try and get fit. You’ve decided to complete my 6 month, all over training programme to get you fit. You only need one piece of Equipment to start with a set of Resistance Bands. Follow the Link to buy some. They’re cheap but work really well.


All of the exercises appear on my website and below you will see a link to each. I suggest for the first week you try to do the session 1 exercises on Monday, Session 2 on Wednesday and session 3 on Friday. This way you get a day of rest between each set of exercises.

Session 1 (Stretching and Mobility) All mobility exercises. Link

Firstly Lower Body Stretches Link

Then Upper Body Stretches

Session 2 (Cardio)

Walk purposefully for 20 minutes (in a circular route from your house if you can, if not 10 minutes out, then 10 minutes back) aiming to raise your heart rate. This is not an amble it is a walk with a purpose. Aim to raise your breathing rate because you are pushing yourself. When you return spend 30 seconds easing your heart rate.

Session 3 (Strength) A general upper body strength session, that’s arms, shoulders, and back

Each Exercise 3 x 12 repetitions.

Using your Resistance Bands Link

Upper Body (Shoulder and Arms)

Band Shoulder Rotation – Internal

Band Shoulder Rotation – External

Band Back Fly – Standing

Band Lateral Deltoid Raise.