Upper Body Stretches

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Stand tall, and hold either side of a door frame with your arms behind you, hang onto door frame and lean forward, keeping your back and legs in a straight line.





For a back stretch hold either side of the door frame with your arms in front of you and lean backwards, as before.







Standing tall, place elbow of your right arm in the crux of your left elbow. Pull your left arm back towards your left shoulder.






Raise one leg up, interlock your fingers under the knee of this leg and let the weight of your leg pull down stretching the muscles of your shoulders and neck.






Place your right arm parallel to your shoulder at shoulder height on a flat wall in front of you. Gradually turn your body away from the wall, you will feel a stretch in the front of your shoulder.






Stand tall, bend your left arm above your shoulder, use your right arm to pull your left elbow backwards towards your shoulder. The stretch should be felt in the underside of your upper left arm.