Lower Body Stretches

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Place your hands against a wall (or tree, if you are outside) at shoulder height. Push your right leg out behind you, so that your ankle is fully extended, no bend in the knee (heel still pushed hard into the floor) You will feel the stretch in the top part of calf of the rear leg (gastrocnemius muscle).




Always perform this stretch after the straight leg calf stretch, the gastrocnemius must always be stretched before the soleus (bent leg stretch) as it’s the more powerful muscle. Stand this time with your right knee slightly bent heel pushed down into ground. This time stretch will be felt at bottom of calf (soleus).




Stand tall, your feet a hip width apart. Extend your right leg in front of you, knee pushed back. Flex your left leg at the knee underneath you. Bend over your extended leg to touch your toes to enhance this stretch pull your toes up towards you.





QUADS STRETCH (front of thigh)

Stand tall. Grab hold of right ankle pulling heel behind you in towards your bum. Both knees to be lined up with each other (touching if possible). Gradually pull the ankle towards your bum moving the stretched leg knee behind you. When you first start this stretch use a wall or chair to help you balance.





Stand tall, and take your right leg out to the side of your body so that you feel a stretch in the inside upper thigh (note that your left leg bends at the knee beneath your left hip) feet both firmly level on the floor, toes pointing forward. Gradually edge your right foot out to increase the stretch.





Stand tall, and take your right leg around in front of your left leg across and parallel to it. Both feet planted firmly and levelly on the floor. Raise your right arm above your right shoulder. Next stretch out your right arm over and across your body to feel the stretch from hip to knee. Keep both feet flatly planted on the ground.





Stand tall, and standing on left leg grasp the right leg by the knee and pull it up towards your chest. You should feel pull in your right buttock (glute) muscles.