Mobility Exercises

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Dip your chin to touch your chest then rotate your head toward your left shoulder, keeping your chin brushing your chest throughout, then rotate your head back towards your right shoulder.


Hunch both of your shoulders towards your ears, slowly rotate them backwards, down and then up again slowly. Then once you’ve completed the desired number of repetitions roll your shoulders forwards instead of backwards for same number of repetitions.


Rotate both arms forwards, keeping your back still, try not to arch the spine whilst completing the circling motion. Once completed all repetitions rotate your arms backwards. Occasionally watch in a mirror as you do this exercise to check that both your arms produce the same motion, if one rotates higher than the other you have a problem in the shoulder that doesn’t produce such a full circular motion, and you will need to factor in extra stretches to that area.


Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, the knees slightly bent and your hands lying flat against your hips. Bend first to one side, then the other,  leaning neither forwards nor backwards (imagine you have a glass window touching both your chest and your back, stopping you leaning). Breathe out as you bend to the side, and back in as you return to the upright position.



Again feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, your knees slightly bent, this time have your hands resting on your shoulders. Hips facing forward, turn slowly around to one side as far as you can, then the rotate the in other direction, keeping to a gentle rhythm throughout.




With your hands on your hips and your feet and knees together, make circles with your hips in a clockwise direction. Then repeat anti clockwise.



Stand sideways next to a wall with your weight on your left leg and your right hand on the wall for balance. Swing your right leg forward and backward firstly with your knee braced (so the leg is straight from hip to ankle) then continue the exercise by bending knee as you swing your leg (like kicking a football), then swap legs.




Standing on one foot and keeping your off-ground knee straight, circle your foot around the ankle, clockwise and then anticlockwise (repeat for both Feet).