Balance Exercises

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This is a much neglected but extremely important area of fitness. Balance training is important as it can improve the postural alignment of your body, leading to you suffering less injuries. It is especially important for the ageing exerciser, as it helps to reduce the chances of falling, and helps to maintain the strength necessary to perform even simple tasks.




Try to stand as tall as possible throughout these exercises.

Lift one leg out in front in front of you and hold, then to the side and then to the rear. You can use your arms to stabilise yourself.

Next complete the above exercises but hold your arms tight to your sides and complete the exercises as above.


Hold one leg slightly off the ground for all of these exercises. Then using a weight (a dumbbell or bottled water would be ideal), complete.

1 set of Lateral Raises.

1 set of  Military Presses.

1 set of  Bicep Curls.

See Dumbbell section for descriptions for how to complete these exercises.



Standing tall on your right leg:

1)Normal Strides, run on the spot but with your right leg stuck to the ground, your left leg going through the motions of running but not touching the ground through this motion. Your arms moving as they normally would when running.

Complete ten repetitions before changing legs.




2)Complete the above exercise, but this time reach up with your right hand to point straight up as your knee reaches your hip, then point down and touch the ground as your leg goes behind you (pictures 2 & 3), keeping your right leg straight throughout.





3)Progress this exercise by bending your right knee and squatting down when touching the ground.






4)Complete exercise 2, but this time after pointing upwards bring your hand across your body to touch the ground under your left knee, keep your right leg straight throughout.






5)Progress exercise 4 by bending your right knee and squatting down when touching the ground under your left knee.