6 month Plan

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You’ve made the decision to try and get fit. You’ve decided to complete my 6 month, all over training programme to get you fit. Welcome.

All I ask is for you to commit to three short sessions each week which should take you about 20 minutes. As you may guess these sessions will gently progress in difficulty, however they should always take between 20 minutes and half an hour.

Each session is split into

Stretching and Mobility:
this prepares you for exercise and keeps you injury free.

I’ve used walking, gradually converting to running, as your cardio exercise, so you people out there who are interested becoming part of the running community this is great preparation. It’s also essential if you wish to lose weight as part of this process.

An essential part of any fitness programme is to tone muscles, this also helps as part of a weight loss programme.

In order to take part in the sessions you need some basic clothing, tee shirts, shorts and trainers. (examples of which are available through my website LINK). The only specialist training equipment needed at this stage are a set of Resistance Bands for the strength training, which again are available through my website LINK. They are reasonably priced, costing approximately £15. We will use different pieces of equipment as the course proceeds but I’ll let you know well in advance so that you’re always ready at the start of each week. So let’s go!

I’ve popped the first two weeks up on the website so you can see I assume no previous fitness at all. If interested in the course pop me an email.